Faculty of Arts

At no other time in history has visual communication been as omnipresent as it is at the beginning of the 21st century.

All facets of our daily life are impacted on by art and design as images, fashions, styles and symbols, carried by modern means of mass communication, move around the globe at a faster rate and greater volume than ever before.

This has increased the power of the visual and the image in culture and society. As a result, career opportunities in art and design are

increasing in number and diversity. They involve activities as diverse as designing the interior of a restaurant, building a website, creating a logo, exhibiting art, working in an art gallery or the creative department of an advertising agency or illustrating a children’s storybook to name a few.

The faculty of ARTS integrates theoretical and practical knowledge so that the skills and strategies you acquire are relevant to pursuing a career after you graduate. Our teaching methodology is based on hands-on learning where you learn by doing. Our teaching and learning activities are based on ‘real’ design problems so that you develop the skills and strategies to become successful designers. In addition, our instructors are all currently working in the fields of art and design which means what you learn is relevant and market driven.



Fine Arts

Interior Design

Graphic Design